This Association was first founded in 1880; we are now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and are governed by our constitution.

Correspondence address:

c/o The Old Rectory, Dallinghoo, Woodbridge IP13 0LA

Organisational Management:

The Trustees of the association are responsible for its management and control. Trustees are elected by ordinary members of the Association voting at an AGM. Should there be a vacancy either the members or the trustees may at any time appoint a new trustee.


Working mainly in Ipswich and East Suffolk, we:

1. Promote and further the craft of beekeeping
2. Advance the education of the public in the environmental and economic importance of bees




The association’s members respond to many enquiries from the public on a wide variety of bee related subjects, collect swarms, host school visits, attend shows, give talks and demonstrations, provide advice and help to new and inexperienced beekeepers, offer classroom and apiary training courses and assist with preparation for national beekeeping examinations and assessments.

Together with most of the other beekeepers’ associations in East Anglia, we continue to contribute to the advancement of bee sciences; in 2019-20 we gave £300 towards a research project. In conjunction with Bee Disease Insurance Limited and others, we support the ReViVe project (Rolling out the Evolution of resistance to Varroa and Deformed Wing Virus). We support our third East Anglian Research Student (EARS3) as she works from Newcastle University for her PhD, a study of honey bee nutrition in the effects of Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus.

Our Team