And they're off!


Sun, 02/21/2021 - 15:34 - by: Michael Verdun Heath

We spotted our first bee of the season yesterday, in the form of a bumblebee on a mission to get somewhere real fast. Today however, was my first opportunity, as an incredibly bad photographer armed only with a Nokia mobile phone, to get close enough to snap.

This is my first season as an incredibly amateur beekeeper; the I&ESBKA's own "Introduction to Beekeeping" course kicks off on March 1st... Incidentally the course is now full, so if you are interested in an introductory course the association recommends contacting for an alternative.

Those who know me also know how pathologically terrified I am of our furry little friends, so the experience is both terrifying and incredibly exciting.  I'm quite pleased with myself for getting close enough (no, no bee suit!) to get a photo.  Having spent the winter season mentally preparing myself, mostly by looking at pictures of wasps and thinking "yuck!" followed by fuzzy bees and thinking "awww", i'm feeling somewhat confident about the weeks to come.  I am hoping that the comfort-factor of the veil/suit will ease the anxiety somewhat, but ultimately I think I just need to "get stung" and get over it.

It's only natural to be apprehensive about that, right?