Re-inventing The Wheel


Sat, 03/27/2021 - 18:16 - by: Michael Verdun Heath

My first run at building out the hive didn't go so great. Not having had the knowledge or foresight to account for bee-space meant disassembling and reassembling the brood box and supers... Twice...

Armed with a wee bit more knowledge from reading-up, and attending the IESBKA Beekeeping for Beginners course I promptly ordered my castellated spacers, SN5 frames and some drone foundation...

Frustratingly, the first time I built frames, I actually followed guidance from the BBKAs beginners guide.  This time, I thought I'd follow Thorne's method as described in their YouTube video... Especially as I'd bought their frames this time.  Somewhat annoyingly however, the nails they provide are too long to nail the top bar support back in... So I had to improvise.  Thorne's tell you to nail it the top bar down through the wired foundation loop, at 90 degrees to the foundation. This results in a nail poking out of the top of the frame.  BBKA's guide has you nail straight through the foundation into the wood on the other side.  It seemed to work.